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こちらに書いてあるfromJSON を使う方法を試したら通った

Instead of loading credentials from a key file, you can also provide them using an environment variable and the GoogleAuth.fromJSON() method. This is particularly convenient for systems that deploy directly from source control (Heroku, App Engine, etc).

const { google } = require('googleapis');
const sheets = google.sheets('v4');

async function getSpreadsheetData (spreadsheetId: string, range: string) {
    // `CREDJSON` 環境変数にJWTが入ってるとして
    const cred = JSON.parse(process.env.CREDJSON);
    const auth = google.auth.fromJSON(cred);
    auth.scopes = [''];

    return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
            { auth, spreadsheetId, range }
            (err, resp) => (err ? reject(err) : resolve(,


以下のオブジェクトは同じ実装なんだろうか 🤔

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